‘Inside out’ Simon Daly 17th – 3rd March

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‘Inside out’ Simon Daly 17th – 3rd March

A recent graduate, having completed my degree in Fine Art from GMIT in 2015.
My work communicates portraiture, employing M.R.A. scans as a point of reference. My painting process sees the piece transform from the human vascular system into imagined landscapes on the canvas.
Colour has strong emphasis in my work, colour palettesinterplay continuously linking the hues and offbeat colours found in nature to the environmental, social and financial landscape unconsciously created by our human existence.
My work examines the ever-changing reaction of colours that come to play through the interaction of all life on our planet.
The mutable nature of the M.R.A. scan finds expression as a moment in time transferred to the canvas.

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‘Inside out’ Simon Daly 17th – 3rd March
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